Congratulations !
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We had a good time on our 9th anniversary event last Saturday. I felt incredible and excited on a sunny day when David told me WGO story 5years ago. I still remember how the first reusable and no residue WGO gel pad was born after 6years when our factory built up. Since then, WGO has become well known as people with the no residue and reusable self-adhesive mounting systems. I am so proud of it.

Let's replay the camera...

As Covid-19 is still not optimistic around the world currently. We decided to hold the celebration in company garden. We have played games, have dinner together and have sang songs in Karaoke...Be feeling and hugging the same happy hours with us if you are reading this letter. We believe the spring is coming when we making it through these crazy days.

Congratulation! I myself can’t wait to say the next 9th Anniversary of WGO story. 

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